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The Best Abstract Rugs In Charlotte, NC? - Rug Source Oriental and Persian Rugs

Mar 12

Rug Source Shares the Qualities of Good Abstract Rugs In Charlotte, NC


Rug Source is a top-rated area rug provider for residential and commercial use. In a recent update, the agency shared an excellent abstract rug's qualities.

(Charlotte, NC March 2022)

In a new website post, Rug Source has highlighted the qualities of good abstract rugs in detail.

You can find the article here:

The more color tones used in an abstract rug design, the more gradual the color change will be, and the more ‘painterly’ the finished rug will appear.

This doesn’t mean the rug must necessarily be ‘colorful’ but have varying shades within each section.

An excellent abstract design will use between 20 and 50 dye colors.

A bold technique can also create additional ‘organic’ color changes. This is when mixed wool is spun together into one yarn, which will give a variation of shades when dyed.

Abstract designs may be formed from computerized images or paintings. However, more of the design process is carried out by hand. The more convincing the finished product will be.

Computer processing is a necessary part of the design process. It simplifies the design to a manageable number of colors and a level of detail that can be woven. This must be done sensitively, or the finished design will appear blocky or pixelated.

The best contemporary rugs will be made from high-quality natural materials such as lanolin-rich wool and genuine Chinese silk. Combining more than one type of yarn or using silk elements will give the finished rug a more fluid finish as the light shines off its surface.

Abstract rugs may be made entirely of Chinese Silk, but expect a high price tag for this type of rug.

Many retailers like Rug Source use artificial silk such as bamboo silk which is less expensive but has a reputation for being very difficult to clean.

Rugs that are handmade and hand-finished will have a slightly irregular surface texture. Although this is a characteristic of all hand-knotted rugs, this will be particularly true of those created from hand-carved and hand-spun yarns.

Some abstract designs may also feature hand-carved high and low piles, which gives a more definite texture that, while not essential, can add an extra dimension to the design.

Rug size is also a critical feature to keep in mind, and the good news is that Rug Source provides abstract area rugs within all different sizes and shapes.

About Rug Source

Rug Source has been the go-to provider of high-quality, cheap area rugs for homeowners, businesses, and designers for more than ten years.

The agency has more than 60,000 rugs for sale in Charlotte, North Carolina.

It has something for everyone in the inventory, regardless of budget or aesthetic vision.

While the brick-and-mortar store is nestled in the heart of Queen City, the company is committed to making it easy for clients to get affordable area rugs.


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