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Mar 30

Passerine Shares Some Important Tips for Buying Vintage Rugs



Passerine has recently shared with the public some helpful tips they can use when purchasing custom or vintage home décor rugs.


(March 2022) Passerine, an online store that sources a thoughtful collection of vintage and antique rugs in all sizes from small rugs, medium rugs, and large rugs, has recently shared some helpful tips that its customers can use when buying rugs.


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The store said that this was with the hope of shedding a light on some of the important factors to consider when purchasing rugs and also how locals can ensure they get the best vintage rugs that suit their homes.


Passerine started by pointing out that tastes and preferences are the most important things to consider before buying a rug. Given the investment these rugs require, it is best to understand how the rug is going to be used and to choose a style that both offers the durability and stylistic preferences of its owner. They further explained how many homeowners tend to buy certain rugs simply because of status and then end up not liking the rug in the long run maybe because of the design or the fact that it doesn’t match the aesthetic of the house. Passerine confirmed that the only way to avoid this kind of buyer’s remorse was to buy something that you’re in love with from the very beginning.


The rug store which can be accessed through also encouraged the public to consult an interior designer before going all-in on rugs. They explained that, due to their massive experience and trained eyes, interior designers will always know the right rug for a particular kind of home décor. They will have a full understanding of how to match vintage rugs with the general home aesthetic and also with the clients’ tastes and preferences thus putting them in the best position to provide advice on the best option.


Passerine concluded by asking the public to always confirm the credibility of any seller because not everyone that claims to be selling vintage rugs actually has vintage rugs. They explained that customer reviews are the best way to confirm how credible a vintage rug seller is, so anyone looking to buy vintage rugs for the first time from a seller they’re not familiar with should always first go through what past customers have to say.

They have dealt with the seller firsthand and therefore best placed to provide reliable information.

They asked buyers to always look elsewhere if they find any hint of negativity in the reviews section.


About the Company

Passerine is an e-commerce store that sells vintage rugs. Being an online business, they have no geographical limitations and sell their rugs across the country. They stock a variety of rugs ranging from small-sized rugs to large rugs that could cover an entire room.

In addition, they have a team of experts on vintage rugs and décor experts as well, who are always happy to provide assistance to buyers looking for help.

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