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Three Roof Problems Common to All Roofing Systems and effective solutions

Jun 18


Although you might have engaged a highly-respected professional roofing company in Rapid City south dakota to complete your last roof replacement job, damage from ice and snow can cause havoc to the common roof. Unfortunately, certain roof problems are inevitable when you live in an area that experiences extreme weather.

You might be an avid DIYer and want to learn how to use your garage to maintain your roof.


They are the most typical roof problems that you may encounter.

Roof Leaks

You may not be on your roof regularly enough as you ought to which means you won't be able to spot any water spots or leaks until it's too to late.


A minor leak in the roof can cause issues, especially when it is difficult to determine the source.


These are the most typical areas where roof leaks have been documented:


  • Near the chimney

  • In the drains

  • Over the skylights

  • In the area of the venting pipes

  • Under damaged or broken shingles

  • Flashing points

As you can see, finding the source of a leak in your roof isn't as easy as locating missing shingles and replacing them. The roof may be damaged due to shingles, but it's possible that the leak happened by a subtler cause and was more difficult to identify.


Damaged flashing

Flashing problems can result in leaks, but cracked flashing can be an individual problem. Broken or loose flashing could eventually be vulnerable to moisture and water, that can cause costly repairs.


The issue of fixing cracked flashing is that you may have to take off certain shingles to correct the problem. However, taking shingles off to solve flashing issues could lead to other problems for a novice roofer from local roofing companies near me.

Clogged Gutters

Gutters can cause problems. Gutters can be damaged and result in roof water not having a place to go when they are blocked or break. The moisture could seep into your eavesand cause structural damage as well as rot.

To assist you, employ a roofing contractor

We do not want you to go back to your DIY ways, but roofing problems should be put to Teamwork Exteriors' professional roofer.


Aside from that, inadvertent repairs can lead to further problems. To know the way roofing materials interact, you would need to sit through hours of YouTube videos. Each home is unique. It requires a lot of expertise to keep the most awkward spaces well-sealed.


Another reason you should depend on a professional to help you with your roof repairs is that you put yourself in danger every time you climb on your roof. The roofing industry is extremely dangerous that is why many homeowners fall each year when trying to save money on roof maintenance and repair tasks. Also, hiring a professional roofing contractor for an inspection of your roof has never been more simple.



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